What Inspires You?


    I just got back from attending a Bachelorette party in Miami and had an awesome time. I had forgotten how much I miss living in an environment that is so rich with culture. In Miami, the culture is in the food, music, and the way people dress, and talk. I started to realize how inspired I felt and wondered when was the last time I felt that inspired. I really missed having that inspiration. Before I started to go down that negative path of thinking, I started to think about the resources I have now that could inspire me. There are so many times we are waiting for a place or someone to inspire us but we have to realize that instead of waiting, we have the power to inspire ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I think drawing inspiration from people and places is very important but there are so many other things we can be inspired by. It could be the sunset, sunrise, your loved ones or yourself. Together, lets make a habit of taking control over what inspires us. Feel free to tell me something’s that inspire you in the comments. 

Pants: Ross

Shirt: Target

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Sunglasses: Forever21

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Black and Brown


I hope you all had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July. Thank you to all who have served our country! I was on vacation in Hilton Head Islad, South Carolina (if you follow me on Snapchat you already know that).  Vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered.

 On the last night we were there, I wore black and brown. It’s always bothered me when people say black and brown don’t match. They do! They’re both neutral colors so they can go with any color and each other. 

This was a pretty big moment for me. You all know that I had to have emergency surgery last fall and because of it, I have a long scar from the top of my rib cage that goes under my belly button. I have a scar on my back as well but I was really nervous about showing this one! I finally decided that I didn’t care. Scars are kind of like battle wounds if you think about it. I survived something pretty incredible and there’s no shame in being a survivor. 

Here’s what’s wore:

Dress: Express

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Clutch: Forever21

Chocker: Forever21

Charleston Trip


    I’ve included in several of my posts how I am gearing up for graduation, which means my portfolio show is coming soon. I’m so excited! I’ve been working intensely to get everything in place and formatted so whenever I get the chance to take a break, I make sure to take advantage of it. One of my high school friends got married in Charleston, SC over the weekend and we made a mini-vacation out of it. I have some pictures below. By the way, most of my excursions are on Snapchat. If you don’t follow me already, add me: @deneagm

Blush and Sequins

When I saw this sheer dress I instantly thought about the glam that came with the 1940s. The sequins and blush color really make this dress stand out. I put a black slip under it (although) I can’t wait to pair it with other colored slips) and then put this burgundy collared shirt with it. This trench coat from Zara brought it all together. 

Dress: Forever21

Shirt: Forever21

Tights: Target

Trench coat: Zara

Shoes: Old Navy

Vest: thrift store find


Vacation Chronicles 

I had a blast on vacation. Every now and then, you need a break and I got just that. Duck, NC is a small town filled with friendly natives. I got to try a lot of local cuisine and witnessed two of my friends getting engaged while I was there. Here are some photos from my trip:



White Dress: Forever21

Kimono: Wet Seal

Clutch: Thrift Store



All about the Beach

I LOVE the beach. I grew up in New York and Florida so the beach was never too far away from us. Now in the Carolinas, it’s quite a drive so I enjoy it whenever we do go. 

Shirt: Ross

Pants: Ross

Jean Jacket: New York & Company

Hat: I visited my Mom and scored this hat out of her old clothes.