Listen to Your Body-Get Some Rest


For the past weekends, I’ve been doing several pop-up shops for Queen Styles Boutique. I love doing pop-up shops. Being that I sell clothes online, I like whenever I can meet customers face-to-face. I can see their reactions to the fabrics and interact with them. It’s an amazing feeling. I had the opportunity to do a pop-up shop yesterday and today. I thought about it and chose to only do an event yesterday. I struggled with that decision if I’m being honest with you. I wanted to work but I knew I was tired. I didn’t want to start a new week off drained and tired. I knew I needed to recharge my batteries. So, I decided to listen to that voice. We went to church, picked out our Christmas tree, and watched Hallmark movies all day…I enjoyed every minute of it. And you know what? I feel refreshed, and ready to take on another week. Sometimes, the decision is tough. I think we’ve trained ourselves that if we’re not working or busy, we must be lazy. There’s a happy medium and your body will tell you, just listen.

Cardigan: Forever21
Dress: Queen Styles Boutique
Jeans: Express
Boots: ShoeDazzle


How To: Wear Gladiators

Happy Sunday!

Is it me, or does it seem like the summer is flying by? I know we have several weeks left of summer but as I’m seeing more ads for fall fashion, I’m getting a little anxious of letting summer go. I’m trying to squeeze in every last summer outfit that I can. Today I wanted to wear one of my favorite summer staples: gladiators. Gladiators are so fun to wear. I always suggest wearing gladiators with an outfit that shows some of your leg. It helps to elongate the leg line and makes you appear taller.   Here’s how I wore a pair of mine:

Romper: New York & Company

Tank Top: Marshalls

Necklace: Express

Gladiators: ShoeDazzle


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How to Apply the Three Piece Rule

I’ve got a “three piece rule”that I’ve been following for a while. It’s basically a rule that states you need to add a third article of clothing to your outfit to make it more complex. That third piece can be a blazer, vest or one of my favorites: a sleeveless jacket. The third piece should make tie your outfit together. I got this sleeveless jacket on sale for just $5.50 at Tj Maxx. You can’t beat that!

Sleeveless Jacket: Tj Maxx

Dress: H&M

Leggings: Forever21

Hat: Old Navy

Boots: Old Navy



In the Mix

We have been running errands and finishing up our Christmas shopping on this beautiful Sunday. I wanted to of course be comfortable but stylish too. I like to look effortless but put together at the same time. I purchased this scarf at Forever21 and absolutely it! It’s fun to wear scarves as turbans sometimes just to switch up your look. This H&M striped shirt works with this outfit because my pants and navy and navy is a neutral. When you think of prints like that, they are a lot less intimidating. This printed H&M shirt just gives this outfit the pop that it needs. The shoes were purchased at Target. Happy Sunday 🙂