Versatile Black Floral Shorts


Our first date night since baby Luke was great. Questions like: “was he thinking about us?” and “what was he doing?” crossed my mind. Granted, he was with my mother so there wasn’t a need to worry but I had never been away from him. My husband and I went to one of our favorite burger spots and listened to live music. It was a short outing but needed! If you’re a new mom or know new parents I highly suggest investing in date night or offering to watch their little one so they can enjoy a night out.

It’s close to fall but the humid Carolina summer isn’t showing signs of letting up. I wanted to be very comfortable but of course fashionable. I love these black shorts from Queen Styles Boutique. They’re perfect for all seasons. During the warm month I can wear them with just about any style shirt for a cute look and I can’t wait to pair them with a pair of tights when the weather cools down. For date night, I paired them with a white t-shirt and sandals.

Queen Styles Boutique

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How to: Shop a Summer Sale


It’s that time of year for: Summer Sale’s. Stores are getting ready for their fall inventory and one of the ways to do that is to have a sale. When you’re about to shop a Summer Sale, do your research. Are all items on sale? Is the sale happening in waves or all at once? Research the discounts. Do you see the term “up to” or do you have to spend a certain amount to qualify for a discount? The answers to these questions can make a huge difference in the amount of money you spend. Queen Styles Boutique is having a Summer Sale right now. Here’s what you can expect: 25% off at checkout….on everything. That’s right, everything. Here are a few of their pieces:

This Pink Ruffled Dress

Curvy Queens Off-the-Shoulder Top

Champagne Metallic Skirt

Summer Sale’s can be fun so enjoy them!

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Black and White Floral Pants


It’s hard to believe that our baby boy will be here in less than 4 weeks! We’re so excited to meet him. We’re busy making sure everything is ready for him and I’m busy trying to stay cool and comfortable. I’ve been sticking to light fabrics as best as I can. Here’s a look I out together recently. It’s pretty casual but I can’t wait to dress these pants up with a cute pair of heels or wear them with a crop top. Wearing black and white really allows you to play with different colors in your accessories. I chose to pair this look with metallic accessories but the next time, I’ll probably pair these paints with a little more color.

Top: Old Navy


Shoes: Target

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Baby Shower Fun!


This weekend was our baby shower! I was told a time and a place to show up and that was all! I’m so grateful to have great friends and family that surround and support us. It was a great day. Here are a few pictures of our celebration:

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Throw Away the Mold


This spring, I’m having a lot more fun with fashion. I’m pushing myself to wear different color combinations and I love it. My number one rule with fashion is: have fun! Fashion is supposed to be about expression. Whatever you decide to wear for the day, it should express how you feel. Never feel compelled to wear something to please someone else. Never dress a certain way because you’re afraid of what others might think. At the end of the day, you need to be happy with yourself. If you don’t fit into a box or a certain mold, own it. Stand out. When God created you, He threw away the mold. Be proud that there’s no one else like you.

This particular day, I was feeling bold and flirty. This off the shoulder ruffled dress helped me bring out the flirty side. I paired it with my metallic loafers to bring an unexpected element to this look and I loved the result.



Sunglasses: Target

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How to:Wear Casual Wear


I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent Saturday helping a friend who is about to get married gather fabric swatches. We visited as many florists around the city that we could as well. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was exhausted to say the least! It was definitely a casual day for me. My version of casual is a comfy t-shirt and a pair of stretchy dark denim jeans.  My casual outfit doesn’t vary too much during the fall and winter. During those seasons, I throw on an over-sized sweater and pair it with my military boots. Sometimes, simplicity is all you need. Here are the details on my outfit:


Shirt-Forever21 Men

Sandals-Payless Shoes


Inspire and be Inspired


I hope you all have had a great weekend! On Sunday nights, I always like to prep myself for the week ahead. Sometimes, that can be a hard task though. Staying motivated and inspired can be a lot of work. I have a goal book (I’ve featured it on Snapchat before) that has photos and inspirational quotes that help to keep me inspired. As a creative person, I think it’s so important to be able to inspire yourself in order to inspire others.

I’m curious. How do you inspire yourself? Do you have a killer song you listen to? Or is it a sentimental photo you keep in your wallet. Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

T-Shirt: Marshalls


Sandals: Old Navy



How To: Wear Gladiators

Happy Sunday!

Is it me, or does it seem like the summer is flying by? I know we have several weeks left of summer but as I’m seeing more ads for fall fashion, I’m getting a little anxious of letting summer go. I’m trying to squeeze in every last summer outfit that I can. Today I wanted to wear one of my favorite summer staples: gladiators. Gladiators are so fun to wear. I always suggest wearing gladiators with an outfit that shows some of your leg. It helps to elongate the leg line and makes you appear taller.   Here’s how I wore a pair of mine:

Romper: New York & Company

Tank Top: Marshalls

Necklace: Express

Gladiators: ShoeDazzle


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How To: Wear a Denim Jumpsuit


I recently stepped out in a denim jumpsuit that I purchased from Forever 21 last year. One thing I love about jumpsuits: they can usually be worn year-round. For example, if you have a romper you can transition that piece into the the fall and winter by pairing tights underneath it. In the fall, I usually wear this jumpsuit with a vest to make it a little more complex. During the summer it’s too hot for layers so I just wore it by itself. The key to making this outfit more complex is accessorizing. I didn’t want to take away from the focal point of this outfit (the jumpsuit) so I opted for a subtle necklace and some sassy shades.

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Sandals: Target


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