Baby Shower Fun!


This weekend was our baby shower! I was told a time and a place to show up and that was all! I’m so grateful to have great friends and family that surround and support us. It was a great day. Here are a few pictures of our celebration:

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Own it!


   I don’t really have a classified style. I wouldn’t say that I dress preppy, girly or any other defined style. Let me say that there’s nothing wrong with any of these styles. If you identify with a particular style, own it. I’ve just always believed in dressing for my mood. Fashion, for me, has always been about expression. Well this morning I felt a mixture of excitement and boldness. So mixing prints and colors was a “no brainer” this morning. 

   Sometimes people ask me why I the outfits I wear don’t match. It’s true. I tend to mix prints and colors in ways that aren’t traditional. It feels natural for me to express myself this way. Over time, I’ve just owned. Whatever your style is, know that it’s yours. Your style is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Own it! 

Shirt: Target

Scarf: Forever21

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Forever21

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It’s Almost Springtime!

Spring is almost here! With the weather warming up just a bit and the sun out, I decided to wear shorts today. I’ve shared that one of the reasons I used to get made fun of was due to my legs. I was tall and lanky growing up, which meant that I looked different. I used to hate wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. Now,  I’ve learned to embrace my lanky legs whenever I can. They’re just one of the factors that make me unique. Whatever makes you unique, embrace it!

P.S.- I know these kicks are a little spotted on the tip but I still love them!

Shorts: Forever21

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Target

Sunglasses: Fossil



Comfy Saturdays

I’ve been so busy with school and work this past week. I stepped out for a bit just to catch some fresh air. I had to remind myself that just because you are busy, doesn’t mean you are being productive. Everynow and then it’s important to stop and enjoy life. Wherever you are, maybe you’re where you want to be in life right now and maybe you’re not but remember to enjoy the journey.

Sweatshirt: Gap

Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Target




I’ve been looking for a jacket like this for a long time. I finally found one for a good price in Express! Whenever I feel like my outfit is missing something, I add a third piece to it. It can be a vest or jacket but adding a third piece often completes my look. 

Jacket: Express

Shirt: H&M


Boots: Payless 
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You Are Here

I’ve always been the type of person who looks ahead to the next thing. I’ve always obsessed about what I needed to do for tomorrow’s meeting or next week’s presentation. I don’t think it’s a bad think to be prepared or to have goals for yourself but I’ve found that when I obsess about the future I’m missing out on what’s happening now. When I obsess about the future, I’m not really present. I’m missing out on spending time with my loved ones or just alone time with myself. When I should feel peaceful, I feel stressed and anxious about the future. 

We don’t have full control in life. Yes, we can plan and be prepared but I’ve found sometimes what I was stressing about didn’t even happen or it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I’ve learned to cherish where I am right now. Not where I want to be next year or what all I need to get done for Monday but to actually be present and appreciate of my current circumstances. It doesn’t mean that I won’t reach a goal that I’ve set for myself next month or year. It just means that I’m choosing to “be in the now”. When I remember that where I am isn’t my final destination but just a resting place on my journey it really makes me less anxious. 

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Feeling Gray

I never really liked dressing in gray but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to appreciate the simplicity of it. Gray doesn’t have to be boring. Gray can be bold and make a statement with the right accessories to back it up. When I was younger, I thought I always had to wear bright colors to stand out but I’ve learned that’s not true at all! 

We went to a football game today and it was pretty chilly. Fall is definitely in full effect in the Carolinas now. I wanted to keep my head warm and it today gave me the perfect excuse to wear this hat from H&M ( I’m obsessed with it). 

Sweater: Banana Republic 

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Old Navy

Hat: H&M

Jacket: Target 

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Faux Suede Skirt

Happy Sunday Funday!

We went to a preseason basketball ball game last and it was so much fun! I haven’t been out uptown since my surgery and it felt awesome! I knew there would be a lot of walking so I opted for flats. 

Sweater: Forever21

Trench Coat: Zara

Faux Suede Skirt: H&M

Boots: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Forever21


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Saturday Night

I was celebrating a birthday of a friend last night and we headed uptown…which usually means lots of walking so I made sure to wear my wedges. I loved this top from Forever21. I can’t wait to dress it down with a pair of jeans in the fall. 

Shirt: Forever21 

Skirt: Forever21 

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Rings: Forever21 

Purse: Forever21 


Be Rad Today

The weekend is here! I’m not sure about you but I’m glad about it. It’s time to get out of the routine that can come with the workweek and have some fun! We’re running some errands but plan on doing something to take a load off later. I want to hear what you guys are up to today!