Mixed Prints

Mixing prints is all about proportion. Make sure the prints are important to you and each other. For example, the prints shouldn’t be competing against each other and they souls t overwhelm you either. Start with small prints if you’re unsure about your outfit. 

Shorts: Marshalls

Tank: Target

Shoes: Chinese Laundry 


Treehouse Winery

I recently went to Treehouse Vineyards with my mom and sister, and had a blast! It was a really nice day to take a tour and drink some wine. 

Floral Shorts: Old Navy

Quilted Shirt: Ross

Sunglasses: Target


Printed Shorts

When I started this blog, I made it a point to be completely honest with you. I want to be honest about how I felt about certain fashion trends but also how I feel about myself as well. The truth is, I hate wearing shorts. I’ve always felt self-conscious about my legs. It could have something to do with being bullied as a child about my “chicken legs”. Well honestly, I don’t care anymore. I’m letting all of those negative comments go and….I’m wearing shorts:

Shorts: Belk

Shirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Shoedazzle