Fall Fashion: Date Outfit


I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far! Is it just me or is the month of October just flying by? October tends to be a busy month for me. Between work and my wedding anniversary, we have a number number of birthdays and family celebrations. So whenever I get a chance to relax with my husband, I try to take advantage of it. After church we had a “day date”. Here’s what I wore:

Hat: Old Navy

Shirt: Target

Loafers: Old Navy

Pants: Forever21

Jacket: Forever21



How to Make Dress Pants Casual

I hope you all are having a great weekend. Being that the Carolina Panthers are in the Super Bowl, the energy is electric here in Charlotte, NC.  We went out to grab a bite to eat and almost every person we saw was decked out in panther gear! It’s truly an exciting time for Charlotte, NC. It’s also pretty cold! I like to switch up my weekend look. Sometimes, I wear jeans, skirts, dresses or dress pants. It’s easy to think that dress pants are simply for work but you can incorporate them into a casual setting as well. The key is to compliment the dress pants with a casual pieces. This sweater and denim collard shirt really help to make these pants look more casual.

Sweater: Target

Collared Shirt: Forever21

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Nine West


Black and Brown

It’s been so cloudy and gloomy here lately but I love it! It makes me just want a cup of hot coco and sit by the fire plus it’s a great time to bring out the big floppy hats. 

 It’s funny, when I had surgery on my back I was so conscious about my scar. I didn’t want to wear tank tops or anything strapless that would show my scar but this time around, I could really care less about the scar on my stomach. This surgery was so unexpected and I’m blessed to be in good health so why not show my scar? Plus it was my birthday 😎

Hat: Old Navy

Tunic: Express

Cape: H&M

Pants: Forever21

Shoes: Old Navy

Earrings: Target   

Graphic Pants

You’ve probably noticed that I am all about prints! I can’t wait to mix another print with these comfortable pants. The breeze felt so good out so we decided to explore uptown a little. 

Shirt: Marshalls

Pants: Ross

Bag: Micheal Kors


All about the Beach

I LOVE the beach. I grew up in New York and Florida so the beach was never too far away from us. Now in the Carolinas, it’s quite a drive so I enjoy it whenever we do go. 

Shirt: Ross

Pants: Ross

Jean Jacket: New York & Company

Hat: I visited my Mom and scored this hat out of her old clothes. 

Sunday Stripes

These H&M striped pants are so comfortable! I normally would not pick something like them off the rack but I wanted to push myself. Isn’t fashion supposed to be fun? I like to try new things and they were only $4.00. My Forever21 sweater feels like I’m wearing a sweatshirt. You can’t beat that! The shoes are from Shoe Dazzle. The sunglasses are from Forever21 as well.