How to: Effortlessly Mix Prints


Mixing prints is one of the best ways to show your personal style. Mix prints as much or little as you like. You can go with larger prints or smaller ones. You can choose prints that are the same color or different colors. Mixing prints should be fun! I chose to mix camouflage and leopard print below. Here are a few tips when you’re mixing prints:

1. Keep the size of the print in mind- If you feel overwhelmed with mixing prints, consider the size of the prints. Smaller prints are easier to work with.

2. Consider the distance of the prints- Wearing a printed hat and printed shoes creates space between the prints and makes them less overwhelming.

3. Keep the colors in mind- When I’m wearing prints I try to tie my outfit together with neutral colors. For example: if you’re wearing prints that are very colorful, a few neutrals that will bring the look together are jeans, black pants, a white shirt or brown shoes.

Check out my example below:

Infinity scarf

Cute long sleeved top

Jacket- Queen Styles Boutique

Pink top- Queen Styles Boutique

Scarf- Queen Styles Boutique

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Black and White Floral Pants


It’s hard to believe that our baby boy will be here in less than 4 weeks! We’re so excited to meet him. We’re busy making sure everything is ready for him and I’m busy trying to stay cool and comfortable. I’ve been sticking to light fabrics as best as I can. Here’s a look I out together recently. It’s pretty casual but I can’t wait to dress these pants up with a cute pair of heels or wear them with a crop top. Wearing black and white really allows you to play with different colors in your accessories. I chose to pair this look with metallic accessories but the next time, I’ll probably pair these paints with a little more color.

Top: Old Navy


Shoes: Target

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Own it!


   I don’t really have a classified style. I wouldn’t say that I dress preppy, girly or any other defined style. Let me say that there’s nothing wrong with any of these styles. If you identify with a particular style, own it. I’ve just always believed in dressing for my mood. Fashion, for me, has always been about expression. Well this morning I felt a mixture of excitement and boldness. So mixing prints and colors was a “no brainer” this morning. 

   Sometimes people ask me why I the outfits I wear don’t match. It’s true. I tend to mix prints and colors in ways that aren’t traditional. It feels natural for me to express myself this way. Over time, I’ve just owned. Whatever your style is, know that it’s yours. Your style is an expression of who you are and how you feel. Own it! 

Shirt: Target

Scarf: Forever21

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Forever21

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How to: Mix Prints

   Mixing prints can be a very fun way to personalize your outfit. There are different ways and variations to do this. If you’re new to the trend, start small. If you feel daring and advanced with this trend, go for it! 

   Sometimes, people look at me in a weird way when I’m wearing an outfit that has mixed prints. I know what they are thinking: “that girl obviously doesn’t know how to match her clothes.” The truth is, I know how but I don’t really care what others have to say about my style. You should be the same way with your personalized style. If it looks good on you and you feel like a rockstar wearing it, then don’t think twice about wha others are thinking! Here’s an example of how I mixed prints:

Jacket: Old Navy

Shirt: Express

High Waisted Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: Target

Hat: Target

Watch: Fossil 


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Black and White

Friday means it’s Food Truck Friday for me. It’s held close to the uptown area here. I paired these colored heels with this dress to add a little more visual interest. 

Dress: Tj Maxx

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Sunglasses: Forever21


Beach Nights

Sometimes it’s okay to break the “fashion rules.” Who comes up with this stuff anyway? As long as you look polished and feel great wearing it, who’s to say you can’t wear it? Mixing prints and patterns is so much fun. To me, the more prints the better!

Shirt: Belk

Jeans: Forever21

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Clutch: Forever21


Spring Days

Time to bring out the pastel colors…and anti-humidity products.I was going to dinner with my husband and we decided to hit a brewery afterwards so there was a lot of walking and standing. These wedges are so comfortable and offer a subtle way to mix prints 🙂

Wedges: Nine West

Skirt: Fabrik Charlotte

Clutch: Forever21

Shirt: H&M 

Blazer: Thrift store find