Restyled Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is one of my staples for Spring and Summer but I wanted to also wear it as a transition piece for Fall so I put a plain white-tee under it. We were walking downtown and I wanted to be comfortable! 

Shirt: Old Navy

Jumpsuit: Forever21

Trench coat: Zara

Hat: Old Navy

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless 


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Menswear Monday: Workwear

Making sure you are appropriately dressed for work is key! I understand some jobs call for a suit and tie. While jeans or chinos may be be more appropriate for an IT Desktop Specialist or other types of jobs. Help your man out if he’s wondering what to wear to work

Business Professional/ Professional:


Business Casual/ Casual

If you’re ever in doubt of your dress code remember:

1. Don’t Assume! 

Don’t assume jeans are okay if your work environment is Casual.. ASK before you wear a pair to work.

2. Fit

Fit is really important and can make or break a suit. Don’t be afraid to make that trip to the tailor to make sure you looked polished

3. Dress for the Job You Want

I know you have heard of this saying before but it’s true. If you’re not at your dream job, dress like you are. Research suggest that when we look good, we feel good too. That’s noticeable by other people and they might start to hold you to a different standard. Can we say promotion anyone?

Menswear Monday Polka Dots

Did you think Polka Dots we’re going out of style? They’re supposed to be very on trend this summer. This pattern can be overwhelming to try but help your man out by starting small. Start out with  something subtle like polka dot socks or a tie first. Then move on to a shirt once you’re feeling comfortable.


Menswear Monday: Pastels

I love a man in pastel colors. Here are two tips for helping your man dress in pastel colors:

1. Moderation

If your man isn’t comfortable with the idea of pastels, help him start off slowly with a pastel colored pocket square or tie just to ease him into the trend. 

2. Fit

Lighter colors tend to augment our shapes (even for men) so if your man has more to love in the middle, help him out by pairing a darker colored shirt and pastel colored shorts or pants. 



Menswear Monday: Purple Haze

Purple can be overwhelming if you are not accustomed to wearing it. If that’s the case, I suggest that you start small. Start with a purple pocket square or tie and then work your way up to a shirt or a pair of chinos. Here are a few of my favorite ways of men wearing purple.