Menswear Monday: Avan Jogia

I’ve liked Avan Jogia on and off the screen since he was on Twisted.  His character’s style was a little rugged while has described his personal style as ” an English gentleman”. He’s getting more attention now that he’s in a miniseries on Spike called “Tut” and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Here are some of my favorite fashion looks from him. Please keep in mind that these photos do not belong to me. 

Menswear Monday: Valentine Looks

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day! As Valentine’s Day approaches and plans are being made, let’s take a look at some possible outfit ideas for men.

The Fancy Date: Are you going to an upscale restaurant or maybe just want to impress your date? A nice suit is always a nice option.


The Sporty Date: Mixing it up for Valentine’s Date is a great idea! Whether you are hiking or going for a bike ride, you definitely want to be comfortable but still dress to impress.


The Casual Date: Depending on the weather, shorts are still a nice option for Valentine’s Day. If you’re going to a concert or picnic during the daytime, you might want to consider more of a casual look.