Listen to Your Body-Get Some Rest


For the past weekends, I’ve been doing several pop-up shops for Queen Styles Boutique. I love doing pop-up shops. Being that I sell clothes online, I like whenever I can meet customers face-to-face. I can see their reactions to the fabrics and interact with them. It’s an amazing feeling. I had the opportunity to do a pop-up shop yesterday and today. I thought about it and chose to only do an event yesterday. I struggled with that decision if I’m being honest with you. I wanted to work but I knew I was tired. I didn’t want to start a new week off drained and tired. I knew I needed to recharge my batteries. So, I decided to listen to that voice. We went to church, picked out our Christmas tree, and watched Hallmark movies all day…I enjoyed every minute of it. And you know what? I feel refreshed, and ready to take on another week. Sometimes, the decision is tough. I think we’ve trained ourselves that if we’re not working or busy, we must be lazy. There’s a happy medium and your body will tell you, just listen.

Cardigan: Forever21
Dress: Queen Styles Boutique
Jeans: Express
Boots: ShoeDazzle


Simple and Bold


 This white dress is one that I’ll be wearing multiple times this summer. I like that it’s simple, understated and bold. It just works. Don’t get me wrong, I love prints and bright colors but every now and then it’s good to be simple and understated. I’ll admit, I used to think I always needed to be loud. Loud in a fashion sense and personality wise. I was always compared to other family members who were a bit more outspoken. I tried to imitate who they were and it just didn’t feel like me. 

 I’m content with being the strong silent type. That’s who I was created to be. Maybe someone is trying to tell you how you should act, talk or even dress. Well, you were uniquely created. God created you with a unique purpose in mind. You have a destiny to fulfill and you can’t accomplish what you need to by being someone else. Peer pressure is a real thing. Even as an adult. Sure, you could try to fit in but why fit in when you were born to stand out? 

Dress: Old Navy

Sandals: ShoeDazzle 

Sunglasses: Target 

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Anniversary Trip: Nashville, Tennessee


I hope you all have been doing well! In my last post I shared with you all that I was heading up to Nashville, TN to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We truly had a blast! I snapped some pictures along our vacation and wanted to share them with you.

This photo was taken when we first got to Nashville. The shirt is from


We try to stay open to different types of music. We explored the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum and learned a lot!


This wall was right behind our hotel. I thought it was so cute and quirky.


This was one of my favorite outfits for sure. The shirt is from While I snagged this skirt at Target from The Who What Wear line. The boots are from Aldo. The hat is from Old Navy.

A local artist created this image and I thought it was too pretty not to take a photo.

Be Kind

When I started blogging, I knew that I wanted to talk about more than fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a passion for fashion and love sharing my style with my followers but I also wanted to talk about certain issues and experiences that I’ve gone through. I wanted to talk about certain issues in hopes of letting someone know, they’re not alone. One of those issues is bullying.

I first started being bullied in middle school and it continued through high school. I was bullied for several reasons. One, I talked differently. People always teased me because of the way I talked. They would say to me: “Do you think you’re better than everyone else because you sound like a valley girl.” Please know, that I have NEVER understood what that means.  I was also made fun of because of the music I listened to. I’ve always enjoyed different types of music and so when I would play my music on my iPod, I was usually made fun of because it was different. Looking back, I realize that I was teased simply because I was different than the norm in the town I went to high school. I would also get called “stuck up” and would receive hateful notes in my locker and on Facebook. There were so many days I cried and ate lunch in the bathroom because I didn’t want to face my bullies. I was bullied for being tall and lanky. I loved studying and reading and didn’t really go to parties in high school so a lot of people called me a “nerd”. Even writing this brings back really hurtful memories. I eventually got really depressed and just withdrew from life. I know now, that I was teased by people who never took the time to know me and their opinion shouldn’t have mattered so much to me, but it did.

My point in sharing my story is to help anyone who is reading this and can identify with it. I want you to know that life goes on. Life gets better! Don’t worry about fitting in, when you were born to stand out! One thing that helped me was being grounded in my faith in God. Psalm 139:14 states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made which means God didn’t make any mistakes when He created me. It means there is nothing wrong with the fact that I am different. The sooner I realized that, the more confident I became. I still don’t have it all together now but I’m a lot more confident in who I was created to be.

I love organizations that help to bring exposure to bullying. One of my favorite is: the kind campaign. I joined the campaign to share my story. I think some people don’t realize that their words can be hurtful. Some people don’t see cyber bullying as hurtful but it is. The more we spread the message, the more knowledge we can spread about bullying.  You should check them out:



Lessons I’ve Learned in 2015

Is it just me or did 2015 fly by? I’ve learned so much this year and want to share what I’ve learned in hopes that it might help someone else. So here it goes:

1. Go with the flow but know that you can’t always control it. 

When I got sick in August, I had to have a volvulus removed.  It’s basically when your intestines wrap around your colon and nothing can get through so you’re basically toxic. It’s something they usually see one sleepy people; not a 27 year old woman. I had to be rushed into survey and spent a week and a half in the hospital. I had some complications afterwards and am still not 100% back to the old me but I’m okay with that. I learned to just kind of go with the flow of life. I used to always want to control every aspect of my life and would freak out when things didn’t go according to my plan but this situation taught me you can’t always plan for everything. 

2. It’s okay to dream BIG. 

I have you guys to thank for this one. I would’ve never imagined that I would have people who were interested in my experiences, point of view or personal style. I’ve dreamed about it and I still plan on reaching bigger goals but I learned it’s okay to dream big. People may laugh and that’s fine. Their laughter just lets you know that your dream intimidates them. If people don’t laugh at your dreams, dream bigger!  Believe in yourself and your dreams and goals will come together. 

3. Your unique perspective is important!

I was bullied a lot in middle and high school. One of the reasons is because I was different. I was teased about the way I talked, acted and dressed. I didn’t know it back then but being different is a gift. If we all thought the same, life would be so boring. While embracing what makes you different you realize that your uniqueness  is a strength that sets you apart from the crowd. I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather stick out than blend in any day. 

I don’t really have any New Years Resolutions. I just want to strive to apply what I’ve learned in 2015 to 2016. So cheers to the new year! 
Courtesy of 

You Are Here

I’ve always been the type of person who looks ahead to the next thing. I’ve always obsessed about what I needed to do for tomorrow’s meeting or next week’s presentation. I don’t think it’s a bad think to be prepared or to have goals for yourself but I’ve found that when I obsess about the future I’m missing out on what’s happening now. When I obsess about the future, I’m not really present. I’m missing out on spending time with my loved ones or just alone time with myself. When I should feel peaceful, I feel stressed and anxious about the future. 

We don’t have full control in life. Yes, we can plan and be prepared but I’ve found sometimes what I was stressing about didn’t even happen or it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I’ve learned to cherish where I am right now. Not where I want to be next year or what all I need to get done for Monday but to actually be present and appreciate of my current circumstances. It doesn’t mean that I won’t reach a goal that I’ve set for myself next month or year. It just means that I’m choosing to “be in the now”. When I remember that where I am isn’t my final destination but just a resting place on my journey it really makes me less anxious. 

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