Interior Decorating

It may be that I watch one too many HGTV shows but I love both interior design and decorating! We have a guest bedroom that needed some serious attention but we wanted to redecorate within a reasonable price. By the way, when I say “we” I mean me. My husband just let me be in control of this project. We are currently in an apartment now but I don’t think that has to mean it can’t be personal. Here are a few pieces I picked up:

This set was only $40 at Ross

The curtains were $15 and the rod was $9 at Walmart

This rug was $10 at Ross

These Vases were an awesome find at a thrift store

This mirror and decorative words were great finds from HomeGoods. In total, they were under $30

Our families live in different towns so it’s nice to think they will have a cozy room to sleep in when they come.