Bring it Monday!


  If I’m being honest with you, around this time on Sunday I usually get discouraged. After all, Monday is right around the corner and that means it’s time for “dread” to kick it right? Wrong! What if, instead of dreading the beginning of the work week we practiced gratitude instead? Maybe you don’t have your dream job right now, but at least you have a job. Maybe your commute to work is really long, but isn’t that drive the perfect time to admire Gods works or listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to catch up on? I’m not downplaying whatever your work situation is right now. I’m simply saying that while you and I are wherever God has us, we should look for the positive details of our situation. After all, being negative can be so draining! 

   So here’s to an awesome Monday to us! 

Dress: Old Navy

Kimono: Wet Seal

Necklace: Forever21