Babymoon: Charleston, South Carolina


We had our babymoon! It gave us an opportunity to vacation before our baby boy gets here. For our babymoon, we went to Charleston, SC. We always have a good time in Charleston; it has a lot of charm. We didn’t really plan the activities for this trip like we normally do. I have to admit, I’m a planner so it was hard to just go with the flow but it was great seeing where our vacation took us. We ended up eating at restaurants we would’ve never gone to and exploring the beach like we never would’ve if we had planned every detail. Isn’t it funny how we try to have so much control over certain things in life when giving up control is really what’s best? There’s nothing wrong with being a planner. When God made me, He knew exactly what He was doing. Planning allows me to be efficient, productive, and effect. It’s a great quality to have; however, sometimes when we give up control we’ll open the door for new experiences to happen to us. Here are a few photos from our babymoon:

My bathing suit is from Target. It was so comfortable!

This off the shoulder dress is from I love how this color pops.

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Homecoming Weekend


Homecoming weekend was this weekend at my alma mater. I love homecoming weekend because it’s always great seeing old faces and catching up and it reminds me of how much I have grown as a person. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I still having growing to do. I think we all do but sometimes we tend to focus only on the negative. I don’t know about you, but I’m so quick to beat myself up. I’m quick to remind myself of a goal that’s not completed. Or how I should’ve done a certain task better. While I was walking on campus and driving past familiar buildings, I started to think about who I was back then and the woman I am now. I realized just how much I’ve grown. I encourage you to do the same this week. When you’re tempted to beat yourself up, just remember how far you’ve grown and focus on the positive.

Sweatshirt: FreedomHouse

Shorts: Belk

Boots: Forever21

Shirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Forever21

Boots: ShoeDazzle

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Happy Halloween! 

   I worked on Halloween so I celebrated over the weekend by going to a pumpkin patch. I had so much fun! At the pumpkin patch they not only had pumpkins but there was a corn maze, farm animals and apple cider. I’ll be honest, at first it felt awkward being that there were a lot of families there. I went with my sister and husband….and no kids. As I waited for a funnel cake surrounded by kids in costume, I realized that it’s okay to do something childlike every now and then. I think we all can agree that “adulting” can be hard and tiresome at times. When was the last time you did something childlike? Maybe it was playing a board game, building a fort in the living room or visiting a farm? 

I encourage you to try to find joy in the little things. Here are a few pictures from this past weekend: 

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Just Be Yourself 


I hope you’re having a great weekend! Last night, I saw one of my favorite music artists in concert: Corinne Bailey Rae. I’ve loved her since I was in high school. I looked up to her for a lot of reasons. One of them being the fact that she’s simply herself. As someone who was bullied a lot for being different, it was nice to see someone who didn’t care what others thought of them. She was a visual reminder that it’s okay to be yourself. Her concert was awesome! Then I got the chance to meet her. I had this whole speech planned in my head about what I was going to say. I planned on telling her how much her music has helped me and how big of a fan I was. Well when I met her, the only thing I could say was: “how has your day been?” 😂😂😂. She has such a humbling spirit and answered my question politely. It was awesome to meet her! Here’s what I wore:

Dress: Marshalls

Kimono: H&M

Boots: Old Navy 

Q&A This Week! 

Hi guys, 

I’m doing a Q&A post this Thursday. You can comment with your question on any post on here or Instagram. You can also message me on Snapchat or Twitter with any of your questions too.   

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How to Wear Winter White

This is one of my favorite skirts to wear. It’s so playful and white goes with just about anything. Its been said not to wear white after Labor Day but if you’re like me, you know it’s okay to bend the rules from time to time. Especially when it comes to fashion. I love mixing blue and black together and this white skirt balances the colors out so well.

When I first saw this scarf, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to style it but I knew I had to have it. Belting a scarf is an easy way to personalize it. I can’t wait to wear this scarf again!

Scarf: Forever21

Skirt: Forever21

Sweater: Forever21

Shoes: Payless


Sunday Funday

I try to enjoy my Sunday’s as much as possible before the week starts. Sometimes I tend to feel like I just get lost in the transition from the weekend to the week so I make sure I do something that relaxes me on Sunday’s. It can be anything from shopping, spending time with my husband or reading a good book. I was blessed enough yesterday to do all of those things. Here’s what I wore:

Dress: Fab’rik 

Trench Vest: Forever21 

Shoes: Payless

Earrings: Forever21 

Necklace: New York and Company