Faux Leather Shorts


I love to wear these shorts year round. So while there are still cool winds that accompany the warm temperature, I figure I would wear these shorts in one of my favorite ways: layering with tights. I decided to make this outfit more complex by adding a denim button up shirt with a sweater. This hat just ties the whole look together.

Hat: H&M

Denim Button-Up: Banana Republic

Faux Leather Shorts: H&M

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless


Faux Fur Vest


I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! I love wearing my pink faux fur vest. It’s a great layering piece anytime I need to make an outfit a little more complex. I’ve shared before, that I think some of the best outfits are a little complex. For example, instead of just wearing a t-shirt and jeans you may want to add a third piece (jacket, scarf, or vest) to make the outfit complex. Adding that third piece is also great way to make your look more aesthetically pleasing. The look below started out as just a plaid shirt dress and grey jeans but by adding the faux fur vest, it not only gave this look a little extra pop but it also helps me show off my personal style as well.

Shirt Dress: J Crew

Faux Fur Vest: Target

Jeans: Forever21

Boots: Old Navy


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What’s Creativity Mean to You?


  I’m hoping you all had a great weekend! I was speaking with someone over the weekend about being creative and their response to me was “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” I listened respectfully but I disagreed with them. You see, I used to feel exactly like that. I didn’t think there was anything about me that was creative. I couldn’t draw and there certainly wasn’t anything I was good at. So how could I be creative? There are a lot of definitions of the word “creative” but to define it simply, it means to create. 

  Maybe you can’t draw but are you that person who is always calm in the midst of chaos? If it’s natural for you to remain calm in those types of environments, then you have the ability to create a peaceful environment. That’s creativity. Maybe you have the gift of making people laugh and creating happiness. That’s creativity. I just think creativity means operating in whatever your gift is. Maybe it’s drawing but maybe it’s not. I encourage you to carry that with you during this week. From this girl who loves wide-legged pants to you: you have something awesome on the inside of you that is called a gift. That’s what makes you creative!  
Jeans: Michael Kors 

Shirt: Thrift Store

Cardigan: Forever 21

Necklace: H&M

Rings: Forever 21

White & Blue

I love those days when I’m extra productive. You know, those days you seem to get everything done and then some! Whenever I have days like that, I like to take it in. A good way for me to do that is spending time outside. Nature has a way of relaxing me. I was feeling good but I was having a bad hair day, hence the hat. 

Hat: Old Navy

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

Jacket: Adam Lippes for Target


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