Mixing Stripes

Mixing stripes is probably one of my favorite prints to mix and match. For this look I stuck with black, brown, grey and blue. The yellow in this shirt adds a little something extra to the look but doesn’t overwhelm it. Layering was key with this look. I wanted to add some definition to my waist so I added the black belt to pull everything together.

Hat: Old Navy

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots: Shoe Dazzle

Necklace: Forever21

Poncho: H&M








Not into Categories 

It’s been rainy and cold here in the Carolinas and we got a little stir crazy just sitting in the house. We decided to try one of the local breweries I town and had a blast! 

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t really match my outfits and I don’t really have a particular style. I have two philosophies on my outfits. The first one is they shouldn’t be boring or too expected. I’ve believed that since I was little. Matching my clothing just isn’t me. I used to be bullied for a lot of reasons and how I dressed was one of them. Overtime though, I just learned to not really care what other people thought of me. I learned that my unique perspective was a gift. The second philosophy is what I wear should match how I feel. Sometimes I feel really lady like and want to wear a skirt and heels and other times I want to wear a pair of jeans and sneakers. As long as what I’m wearing flatters my body and makes me happy, that’s all that matters to me. I don’t really have a style and don’t fit into a category….and I’m okay with that. If you feel the same way, like you don’t fit into a category, know that you’re not alone. I’m right there with you. 

Leggings: Forever21

Dress: H&M

Cardigan: Forever21

Boots: Aldo




One Dress; Two Ways 

I originally wore this dress over the summer. I love the length of it and the pattern. It was easy to throw a sweater over it with some boots. Here’s the first look:

Dress: Ross

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Second look

Sweater: Forever21

Boots: Target

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