All Things are Working for Your Good. 


  Know in this moment, God is working ALL things for your good. Let this be your reminder that you are God’s biggest deal, and He loves to see you win! This includes the “good” and the “bad” stuff. He can and will work it out for your benefit. So you can rest easily in whatever is going on in your life. God has you in the palm of His hands. I’m talking about this a little further on my website for my boutique


Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones 


   Yesterday my boutique got to be apart of an event called The Beauty Standard. It’s an event that happens annually in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. At this event, the focus is celebrating the diversity of beauty. While I was at this event, I had the opportunity to sell some of the clothes I have at Queen Styles Boutique. It was fun but hard. It’s not my personality to speak with lot of people. I’m an introvert. Not that I’m shy but I just process my energy differently. I recharge my batteries when I’m alone, not when I’m with people. While I was at this event, I had to remind myself that great things are never accomplished from comfort zones. I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone and accomplished goals I set for myself. Whatever you’re dreaming about, remember that great things won’t come from your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to push yourself to get what you want. Here’s a picture of my booth: 

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It’s Okay to Say When You’re Afraid 


      This past week marked two years since having to have part of my colon removed. My husband and I go hiking every year in August to celebrate God’s healing power. Each year we hike the same trail. This year the park revamped the trails and we had to hike a different trail unexpectedly. At first, I was anxious about hiking the new trail. I hadn’t prepped for it mentally or physically. I contemplated turning around(many times) but I kept saying under my breath “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Sure enough, we finally reached the top of the mountain and it was beautiful. My point here is this: don’t be afraid of letting God know when you are afraid. He can handle it. After all, the scripture says “He is made strong in our weakness.” Here are some photos from our hike:

You Serve a Greater Purpose 


   Did you get a chance to see the solar eclipse yesterday? If you were here in the states, it was a spectacular event. If you didn’t, NASA has some great photos on their website. I’m not sure about you, but when I was watching the eclipse, I felt a lot of worry leave my mind. It was so easy to just focus on what was happening in that moment and realize that I was apart of something greater. The solar eclipse put things into perspective for me. We face a lot of distractions on a daily basis(our jobs, family, finances, politics, and etc) it’s easy to forget that we are apart of a bigger picture. I believe that every single organism serves a purpose, that includes you and me. I’m not sure what you’re facing but always remember that you are here for a reason and serve a greater purpose. 

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What do you do with Fear?


  Being a business owner is a wild and tiring ride. There are days my fears try to get the best of me. When I wonder if I have what it takes, what people think of Queens Styles Boutique and if I’m making the right decisions. When fear sets in, I have to become self-aware. Why am I feeling like this? What triggered this feeling? Is this feeling based on facts? I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with the emotion of fear(I’m human after all) but what am I going to do with that emotion? Am I going to let it hold me captive or press my way through it? You know the answer! So the jumpsuit below can be purchased on my website: Queen Styles Boutique. 

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Bring it Monday!


  If I’m being honest with you, around this time on Sunday I usually get discouraged. After all, Monday is right around the corner and that means it’s time for “dread” to kick it right? Wrong! What if, instead of dreading the beginning of the work week we practiced gratitude instead? Maybe you don’t have your dream job right now, but at least you have a job. Maybe your commute to work is really long, but isn’t that drive the perfect time to admire Gods works or listen to that podcast you’ve been meaning to catch up on? I’m not downplaying whatever your work situation is right now. I’m simply saying that while you and I are wherever God has us, we should look for the positive details of our situation. After all, being negative can be so draining! 

   So here’s to an awesome Monday to us! 

Dress: Old Navy

Kimono: Wet Seal

Necklace: Forever21

Summer Weekends

Summer Weekends

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Pink wallet

Marni jewelry
$435 –

Ahlem sunglasses
$490 –

What Inspires You?


    I just got back from attending a Bachelorette party in Miami and had an awesome time. I had forgotten how much I miss living in an environment that is so rich with culture. In Miami, the culture is in the food, music, and the way people dress, and talk. I started to realize how inspired I felt and wondered when was the last time I felt that inspired. I really missed having that inspiration. Before I started to go down that negative path of thinking, I started to think about the resources I have now that could inspire me. There are so many times we are waiting for a place or someone to inspire us but we have to realize that instead of waiting, we have the power to inspire ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I think drawing inspiration from people and places is very important but there are so many other things we can be inspired by. It could be the sunset, sunrise, your loved ones or yourself. Together, lets make a habit of taking control over what inspires us. Feel free to tell me something’s that inspire you in the comments. 

Pants: Ross

Shirt: Target

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Sunglasses: Forever21

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Celebrating the Small Stuff


   I hope you all are doing well. This past weekend I went to a wedding that my husband was in. It’s a great thing when you witness family and friends gathering to celebrate something positive. I had to wonder, how many people (including myself) make it a habit to celebrate the “smaller” events with loved ones? Don’t get me wrong. Of course a wedding is an occasion that should be celebrated but have you celebrated the “smaller” events recently? If you just rocked a test after studying really hard, celebrate. Maybe you’ve been trying to make a habit of remaining positive in the midst of adversity, celebrate that. When you do celebrate, make sure your family and friends are there to bask in your victory. Here’s to all of us celebrating the “small” stuff. 

Kimono: Marshalls

Dress: Marshalls

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

P.S. you will definitely see this kimono again. 

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Just Ask


    I was speaking with someone the other day about taking chances. I was asked why I hadn’t stepped out and taken a chance in a particular area and my response shocked me. I thought about it and responded “I guess I’m afraid that the answer will be no, but I know the answer will always be no if I don’t ask.” I got silent and thought about what I had just said. How many opportunities have I eliminated based off of fear? Before I got too negative about my choices (or lack there of) I decided to look at this from a positive viewpoint: How many opportunities am I going to open myself up to based off of being brave and courageous? To me that sounds a lot better. I can focus on the amount of opportunities I might’ve missed out on, or I can focus on all the possibilities that being brave will open up. 

   My hope for you (and myself) is to simply start asking. Maybe you’ve been working really hard at work and think it’s time for a raise, well, ask for one. Maybe you need help in a certain situation but have been afraid to ask, well, ask! I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish; the sky is the limit. 

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