It’s Okay to Say When You’re Afraid 


      This past week marked two years since having to have part of my colon removed. My husband and I go hiking every year in August to celebrate God’s healing power. Each year we hike the same trail. This year the park revamped the trails and we had to hike a different trail unexpectedly. At first, I was anxious about hiking the new trail. I hadn’t prepped for it mentally or physically. I contemplated turning around(many times) but I kept saying under my breath “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Sure enough, we finally reached the top of the mountain and it was beautiful. My point here is this: don’t be afraid of letting God know when you are afraid. He can handle it. After all, the scripture says “He is made strong in our weakness.” Here are some photos from our hike:

You Serve a Greater Purpose 


   Did you get a chance to see the solar eclipse yesterday? If you were here in the states, it was a spectacular event. If you didn’t, NASA has some great photos on their website. I’m not sure about you, but when I was watching the eclipse, I felt a lot of worry leave my mind. It was so easy to just focus on what was happening in that moment and realize that I was apart of something greater. The solar eclipse put things into perspective for me. We face a lot of distractions on a daily basis(our jobs, family, finances, politics, and etc) it’s easy to forget that we are apart of a bigger picture. I believe that every single organism serves a purpose, that includes you and me. I’m not sure what you’re facing but always remember that you are here for a reason and serve a greater purpose. 

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What do you do with Fear?


  Being a business owner is a wild and tiring ride. There are days my fears try to get the best of me. When I wonder if I have what it takes, what people think of Queens Styles Boutique and if I’m making the right decisions. When fear sets in, I have to become self-aware. Why am I feeling like this? What triggered this feeling? Is this feeling based on facts? I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with the emotion of fear(I’m human after all) but what am I going to do with that emotion? Am I going to let it hold me captive or press my way through it? You know the answer! So the jumpsuit below can be purchased on my website: Queen Styles Boutique. 

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