Simple and Bold


 This white dress is one that I’ll be wearing multiple times this summer. I like that it’s simple, understated and bold. It just works. Don’t get me wrong, I love prints and bright colors but every now and then it’s good to be simple and understated. I’ll admit, I used to think I always needed to be loud. Loud in a fashion sense and personality wise. I was always compared to other family members who were a bit more outspoken. I tried to imitate who they were and it just didn’t feel like me. 

 I’m content with being the strong silent type. That’s who I was created to be. Maybe someone is trying to tell you how you should act, talk or even dress. Well, you were uniquely created. God created you with a unique purpose in mind. You have a destiny to fulfill and you can’t accomplish what you need to by being someone else. Peer pressure is a real thing. Even as an adult. Sure, you could try to fit in but why fit in when you were born to stand out? 

Dress: Old Navy

Sandals: ShoeDazzle 

Sunglasses: Target 

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