Forgotten Dreams 


    I was speaking with someone the other day about the job market. We were talking about a certain position and I asked my friend if it was a position they were passionate about and she replied “no but I’m not following my passion anymore.” That really made me think “when did we get so cynical?” Before I judged her statement I realized I’ve fallen into the same mindset. I had come to terms with the fact that my dream, in terms of my career, probably isn’t realistic. The way our society is right now can make you think the “American dream” is just that…a dream. 

  I had to stop and ask myself “when was the last time you reached for your dreams?” Which lead me to another question “when was the last time you got uncomfortable?” I realized I gave up on my dream simply because it made me uncomfortable. That woke me up! Well I’m so glad I serve a God who wants to give me the secret petitions of my heart. Secret meaning even the desires and petitions that I’ve hidden from myself. Well I’ve made up in my mind that it’s time to get uncomfortable. I’m making some changes and pushes myself out of my comfort zone. I challenge you to do the same. Whatever your forgotten dream is, I challenge you to strive for it again. 


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