Positive on a Rainy Day


    You know what they say: April Showers Bring May Flowers. In gloomy weather, I love to wear a pop of color. I like to think of it as a reminder to stay positive. Whether it’s a bright color or a fierce print, it’s a great reminder that no matter what the gloomy circumstances are I need to stay focused on positive things. 

     I think the same attitude can be taken toward life. Even when life isn’t going the way you planned, you still need to stay positive. When circumstances are less than what you expected, it’s so important to have a positive reminder. For me I always think about what God has already done for me. I think about the times He healed me. I think about the times He granted me with the grace to get through certain situations. Thinking of the good things motivates me to move forward with a positive attitude regardless of my circumstances. 

Sweater: Forever21

Sweater: Forever21

Shoes: ShoeDazzle 

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