How to: Dress for Transitional Weather


  I’ll admit it. Im trying to be patient and wait on spring but it’s hard! In the morning it’s cold outside; however, by noon it’s warm outside and the sweater that was perfect for the morning is suddenly making me sweat by noon. This transitional weather can be difficult to dress for. One solution for this type of weather that I always suggest is: layering. Layering is an easy fix to confusing weather. You can easily layer with a cardigan or a light jacket, just as I did in the look below. 

   As the weather continues to be stubborn, I’m sure I’ll post more transitional looks so stay tuned! Here are the outfit details for this look:

Suede Jacket: Who What Wear for Target

Hat: Target

Turtleneck: Target

Romper: Charlotte Russe

Boots: Old Navy

I’ll be completing a Spring Lookbook. If there is a certain look you want to see, feel free to comment below. 
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