Faux Fur Vest


I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! I love wearing my pink faux fur vest. It’s a great layering piece anytime I need to make an outfit a little more complex. I’ve shared before, that I think some of the best outfits are a little complex. For example, instead of just wearing a t-shirt and jeans you may want to add a third piece (jacket, scarf, or vest) to make the outfit complex. Adding that third piece is also great way to make your look more aesthetically pleasing. The look below started out as just a plaid shirt dress and grey jeans but by adding the faux fur vest, it not only gave this look a little extra pop but it also helps me show off my personal style as well.

Shirt Dress: J Crew

Faux Fur Vest: Target

Jeans: Forever21

Boots: Old Navy


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Special Events Wardrobe: Muee.com


I hope you all are having a great Tuesday! The beginning of the year calls for a lot of new things including new fashion trends. The beginning of the year is a great time to refine your wardrobe. So often, I think we solely focus on our work and everyday wardrobes and we forget our “special event” wardrobe. Right now is the perfect time to start thinking about any weddings, parties or dances that are coming up on your social calendar. It’s better to plan ahead, that way you aren’t rushing to purchase a dress once the event arrives. Below are a few dresses from Muee.com that I love.

Wedding Dresses

Lace was a big hit last year and this trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In my opinion though, lace is always in. Especially in the bridal fashion industry. Lace wedding dresses are effortlessly timeless and chic!

Wedding Dress



Evening Dresses

Whether it’s a reunion or a holiday party that’s on your social calendar, you need a dress that is going to make a statement as soon as you walk in the room. A red evening dress will do just that.

Strapless Ruched Long Red Chiffon A-line Slit Evening Dress


Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is such an exciting time! This is the perfect night to have fun. Not just with your friends but with your look. I love the dress below. I don’t know about you but I’m getting some fierce J.Lo vibes circa 1999.

Floral High Low One Shoulder Sleeveless A-line Chiffon Homecoming Dress


Start thinking about your social calendar and don’t wait till the last minute to go shopping. Part of a great look is how it fits you. Some tailoring may be needed for your look and you don’t want to rush that! Feel free to comment on this post on how you plan on shopping for your social calendar this year. I’d love to hear from you!


What’s Your Vision for 2017?


I hope you are having a great weekend! This morning I went to church and the message was about finding your vision for 2017. I’ve been thinking about that all day to be honest with you. I have goals I want to accomplish for this year but I never stopped to think about my vision for this year. I think that’s why resolutions don’t always stick. We tend to think of a resolution as a one time occurrence or a temporary fix instead of a long-term objective that can increase the value of our lives. It’s time to start challenging ourselves and thinking about the vision for our lives and how 2017 can get us closer to that vision. I’m taking some time to meditate on what my vision is for my life and I challenge you to do the same!

Sweater: Forever21

Jacket: Forever21

Leggings: Forever21

Boots: Aldo


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How to: Wear Turtlenecks


I hope you all have been having an awesome week so far. In 2017, I’m taking more fashion risks. In other words, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone. I think every now and then, it’s important to get uncomfortable with certain things because it helps you grow. Normally, I don’t wear turtlenecks but I’m switching it up this year. Here’s how I wore a turtleneck today:

P.S.- the brand that made my trench coat is the brand I’m doing a gift card giveaway for. 

Dress: Calvin Klein

Trench coat: Zara

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Necklace: Banana Republic 

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2017 Trends

2017 Trends

Happy New Year! 

With a new year comes new trends on the horizon. Here are a few trends I’m looking forward to exploring this year. 
1. Super Stripes. These aren’t just ordinary stripes. They’re a lot bigger and bolder (perfect for the new year). This dress is a bold look, if you want to tone it down, try to wear this trend in a top or a scarf. 
2. Unconventional Khaki. Usually when I think about khaki, I associate it with school uniforms (blah). Unconventional khaki isn’t boring. It’s innovative and exciting. This mini dress is perfect for rocking this traditional trend in a new way. 
3. Color of the Year: Greenery. Pantone has named the color of the year Greenery. It represents nature and new beginnings. To make this hue more streamlined, try pairing it with a tailored piece.

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