Here’s to 2017!

    I can’t believe tomorrow is the start of a brand new year already. I feel like this year just flew by so quickly! If you had to pick a word to describe 2016 what would it be? Mine would be: refining. This year I learned so much about myself and other people. I can feel how these lessons are refining me and turning me into the woman God created me to be. So I’m pumped about the new year ahead.  No matter what your descriptive word is, I believe that what lies ahead of me and you is something great. I’m not sure how your year was. Maybe it was great or maybe it was a challenging year for you. Whatever the case, know that you have the great opportunity to have a new outlook on the next 365 days. 

  If you’re tired or feeling a bit pessimistic about the new year, I encourage you to get your fire back. Get excited about the great things that are on the horizon for 2017! I’m excited for you! 

Next year I’ll be blogging more often and doing some giveaways! I’m wishing you all a safe and positive new year! If you want to see how I’m celebrating tonight, feel free to follow me on my socials:

Instagram: @_lifeisgolden_

Twitter: @_lifeisgolden_

Snapchat: @DeneaGM

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