How to: Wear Glittery Boots


I’m sending positive vibes your way as Tuesday comes to a close. A few weeks ago I posted my “Fall Wishlist” and a pair of sparking boots was on that list. I’ve been searching and searching for the perfect pair and I found them! To me, these boots were perfect because they didn’t look like I was trying to pair them with a costume. The younger me would only dream of wearing these boots. I’ll be honest with you, I second guessed my look before I left the house and wondered what people would think about my bold boots. I know I’m not the only one who has had that thought. Maybe it wasn’t about clothes for you. Maybe you had something to say but kept it to yourself because you were afraid of how others would think of you. Maybe it was a really difficult choice you had to make but you weren’t sure if others would agree with your decision. Well, let me encourage you today to do it! Say it! Wear it! Whatever that thing is for you, don’t second guess yourself. Don’t worry about what others think. People will always have something to say right? So give them something to talk about it.

Sweater: Forever21

Jeans: Express

Boots: Asos

Hat: Target


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