Happy Halloween! 

   I worked on Halloween so I celebrated over the weekend by going to a pumpkin patch. I had so much fun! At the pumpkin patch they not only had pumpkins but there was a corn maze, farm animals and apple cider. I’ll be honest, at first it felt awkward being that there were a lot of families there. I went with my sister and husband….and no kids. As I waited for a funnel cake surrounded by kids in costume, I realized that it’s okay to do something childlike every now and then. I think we all can agree that “adulting” can be hard and tiresome at times. When was the last time you did something childlike? Maybe it was playing a board game, building a fort in the living room or visiting a farm? 

I encourage you to try to find joy in the little things. Here are a few pictures from this past weekend: 

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