Fashion Show Attire


On Thursday, I went to a fashion that was for a great cause: Multiple Sclerosis. Project Orange is a foundation that helps women who have been diagnosed with MS pay bills such as their medical, electric and water bills. I had a great time learning about MS and it was an awesome fashion show. If you want to learn more about the foundation, you can go here: 

Here are the details for what I wore:

Jumpsuit: Marshalls

Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Clutch: Forever21

Girl’s Night Out

Girl's Night Out
Here’s my #girlsnightout look. This look is just how I like my girl’s nights: fun and unexpected. I’d wear very simple jewelry being that this look speaks for itself. In case you were wondering, yes, I do wear my sunglasses at night. #fashion #style #Fashionlover #fashionblogger #girlsnightout

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Sleeveless shirt

Red skirt
$105 –

KOTUR beige purse

Quay round sunglasses
$37 –

Dorfman Pacific straw hat

Maybelline lipstick
$9.16 –

How To: Wear a Denim Jumpsuit


I recently stepped out in a denim jumpsuit that I purchased from Forever 21 last year. One thing I love about jumpsuits: they can usually be worn year-round. For example, if you have a romper you can transition that piece into the the fall and winter by pairing tights underneath it. In the fall, I usually wear this jumpsuit with a vest to make it a little more complex. During the summer it’s too hot for layers so I just wore it by itself. The key to making this outfit more complex is accessorizing. I didn’t want to take away from the focal point of this outfit (the jumpsuit) so I opted for a subtle necklace and some sassy shades.

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Sandals: Target


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Weekend Celebration


I hope you all are having a great weekend! I was approached to contribute to which is a blogging platform that is designed to allow bloggers to freely post any topic. I’m very excited and will have more details later! We went out to celebrate this weekend.

Below are the details about my outfit. Styling tip: if you want to add variety to your maxi dress try belting it! It makes your outfit a little more interesting and outlines your figure.

Dress: Old Navy

Belt: Old Navy

Earrings: Target

Clutch: Thrift Store Find


Black and Brown


I hope you all had a great time celebrating the Fourth of July. Thank you to all who have served our country! I was on vacation in Hilton Head Islad, South Carolina (if you follow me on Snapchat you already know that).  Vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered.

 On the last night we were there, I wore black and brown. It’s always bothered me when people say black and brown don’t match. They do! They’re both neutral colors so they can go with any color and each other. 

This was a pretty big moment for me. You all know that I had to have emergency surgery last fall and because of it, I have a long scar from the top of my rib cage that goes under my belly button. I have a scar on my back as well but I was really nervous about showing this one! I finally decided that I didn’t care. Scars are kind of like battle wounds if you think about it. I survived something pretty incredible and there’s no shame in being a survivor. 

Here’s what’s wore:

Dress: Express

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Clutch: Forever21

Chocker: Forever21

My Story 

So here’s my story. I’m a woman who is an overcomer. Growing up in Florida meant that I was exposed to a lot culturally and I embraced that. When I moved to South Carolina, I got a quick wake up call that everybody isn’t so accepting of things that are different. I was eventually bullied a lot of being me and before I knew it, I became this shy, depressed person I didn’t recognize. 

Time past and I developed an eating disorder. Bulimia to be exact. At the time, I felt like I had to have everything together and really strived to fit it. I had a friend (which in hindsight, she wasn’t really a friend) who commented on my weight. We worked together at a clothing store and one night I commented on how I didn’t think I could pull off a certain trend because I didn’t have any curves. Basically I was a stick figure (or at least that’s what the people who teased me called me). She responded by saying that I was actually not “that skinny” and could lose some weight. Naturally, my feelings were hurt. Fast forward to a few weeks. I got sick and as a result, I lost a few pounds. This “friend” commented how good I looked and whatever I was doing, I should keep doing it. I wasn’t sure how to continue the weight loss without being sick but I knew I wanted to keep receiving compliments from her. 

I did my research and realized I could eat lots of food and then just work out afterwards. When I say workout, I don’t mean I worked out for 20 minutes here one day and 30 minutes another day. I worked out at high intensity levels for hours. I remember one incident when I worked out during the summer in sweats for three hours and nearly passed out. This “friend” eventually moved away but I couldn’t move on from my eating disorder. Time passed and I knew I couldn’t keep this up. I didn’t want to although I was addicted to it. I thought that it was a great way for me to have control over my life.  

Why am I telling you this? Simply because I know I’m not the only one who has suffered from an eating disorder. My story isn’t glamorous but it made me who I am. I’ve shared that my faith is a huge part of who I am and I believe that there’s no need to be ashamed of my story because God has already forgiven me. I’m not saying it was easy but I will say it’s been years since I’ve relapsed. I’m certain I couldn’t have gotten through it without Him (God). Maybe you’ve gone through something that you feel ashamed of. Let me tell you, you shouldn’t be ashamed of what has made you..well you. It’s possible that someone out there is waiting to hear your story to let them know they aren’t alone.