How to: Spring Clean Your Wardrobe 

I think spring cleaning is so important! It can be overwhelming though. Over the years, I’ve simplified this process with some helpful tips. I completed my spring cleaning for my wardrobe with these tips in less than 30 minutes. I hope you will find these tips helpful:

1. Establish three piles- One pile for clothes you will keep in storage, another for the clothes you’re giving away and the third for clothes that need to be thrown out. 

2. Start with one category and then move on to the next- Start with one category, meaning start with shirts and then move on to your pants. Don’t try to do everything all at once, it can seem really overwhelming. 

3. Decide what to keep, throw away and put in storage- You know if something should be thrown away. Don’t hold on to anything that has holes, rips or tears. Let it go! When I was younger I would hate throwing away clothes because I would always think “what if I can’t replace it?” Then my mom would say to me “You have to make room for something better by getting rid of the old”. Think of it like that. You’re just making room in your wardrobe for something better. If you haven’t worn something in the year and it’s still in wearable condition, you need to give it away. Let someone else have it. I usually go to Goodwill so I know the clothes are going to a good place. You can also go to a consignment store to make money. Keep the item in storage if you’ve worn it and it’s in good condition. If you’re storing something, check to see if it needs to be treated or cleaned before storing it away. If it does, take it to your local dry cleaners. 

I usually repeat these steps for my accessories, shoes and jackets too. So, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be this long drawn out process. Good luck! 

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