Be Kind

When I started blogging, I knew that I wanted to talk about more than fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a passion for fashion and love sharing my style with my followers but I also wanted to talk about certain issues and experiences that I’ve gone through. I wanted to talk about certain issues in hopes of letting someone know, they’re not alone. One of those issues is bullying.

I first started being bullied in middle school and it continued through high school. I was bullied for several reasons. One, I talked differently. People always teased me because of the way I talked. They would say to me: “Do you think you’re better than everyone else because you sound like a valley girl.” Please know, that I have NEVER understood what that means.  I was also made fun of because of the music I listened to. I’ve always enjoyed different types of music and so when I would play my music on my iPod, I was usually made fun of because it was different. Looking back, I realize that I was teased simply because I was different than the norm in the town I went to high school. I would also get called “stuck up” and would receive hateful notes in my locker and on Facebook. There were so many days I cried and ate lunch in the bathroom because I didn’t want to face my bullies. I was bullied for being tall and lanky. I loved studying and reading and didn’t really go to parties in high school so a lot of people called me a “nerd”. Even writing this brings back really hurtful memories. I eventually got really depressed and just withdrew from life. I know now, that I was teased by people who never took the time to know me and their opinion shouldn’t have mattered so much to me, but it did.

My point in sharing my story is to help anyone who is reading this and can identify with it. I want you to know that life goes on. Life gets better! Don’t worry about fitting in, when you were born to stand out! One thing that helped me was being grounded in my faith in God. Psalm 139:14 states that we are fearfully and wonderfully made which means God didn’t make any mistakes when He created me. It means there is nothing wrong with the fact that I am different. The sooner I realized that, the more confident I became. I still don’t have it all together now but I’m a lot more confident in who I was created to be.

I love organizations that help to bring exposure to bullying. One of my favorite is: the kind campaign. I joined the campaign to share my story. I think some people don’t realize that their words can be hurtful. Some people don’t see cyber bullying as hurtful but it is. The more we spread the message, the more knowledge we can spread about bullying.  You should check them out:



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