Black and White

Friday means it’s Food Truck Friday for me. It’s held close to the uptown area here. I paired these colored heels with this dress to add a little more visual interest. 

Dress: Tj Maxx

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Sunglasses: Forever21



Flatforms is a shoe trend that has made its’ way onto the runways and into our closets. I will admit to being a little apprehensive about this trend but I decided to try it. I got a few compliments on them and they are very comfortable to wear. Here how I wore this trend. Would you try it?

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: Jordache for Wal-Mart

Shoes: Forever21

Sunglasses: Forever21

Rest Easy

You know those weeks that cause you to constantly be on the go? Those weeks you feel like you’re just going through the motions until your next day off? Well, there’s nothing wrong with being busy but there is something wrong with being “burned out”. You’ve experienced the “burned out” feeling if when you wake up after a full night’s rest you still feel exhausted. I encourage you to take a break now and then to breathe. Here’s how I keep myself rested:

1. Get Eight Hours of Sleep!

I know what you are thinking: “I don’t need that much” or ” I don’t have time.” Research suggests that we do need eight hours of sleep (depending on your age) to fully function and feel energized. Try having a thirty minute wind down period before you go to bed. I usually do this by just lying in bed without any distractions (ex: phone and television).

2. Breathe!

I try to take ten deep breathes before bed. When you breathe deeply, you’re relaxing which brings me to my next tip. 

3. Yoga!

Yoga not only helps my back but it helps me relax. If you don’t do yoga regularly, start off simple with this move. My friend fell asleep doing this during yoga one day. 

Just Say No!

When we are overbooked, that only promotes exhaustion. I know we are all busy but if you have to say no to book club once in a while because you need to catch up on rest, it’s okay ( this one is for me).

Of course there are other things you can do and I know these tips may not work for everyone..I am by no means a doctor. The purpose of this post is to promote positive energy by feeling energized 🙂


Floral Skirts

If you follow me, you might remember me telling you that I witnessed two of my friends becoming engaged to one another while we were on vacation. Well, they had a surprise engagement party this past weekend!

 I’ve told you how much I love pairing brown and black in my outfits. It’s so simple and if done correctly, adds a little edge to your outfit. Here’s what I wore:

Skirt: Target

Shirt: J Crew

Shoes: Shoedazzle

Vacation Chronicles 

I had a blast on vacation. Every now and then, you need a break and I got just that. Duck, NC is a small town filled with friendly natives. I got to try a lot of local cuisine and witnessed two of my friends getting engaged while I was there. Here are some photos from my trip:



White Dress: Forever21

Kimono: Wet Seal

Clutch: Thrift Store



Billboard Awards 2015

We saw a lot of metallics last night and the men appeared to keep it crisp and clean in black and white. Here are some of the looks from last night’s award show: