Hello Friday!


Have you ever had a Friday in which you’re happy the weekend is here but you need a second or two to just catch your breath? Ever have a week that just didn’t go your way and you catch yourself thinking about what you could’ve done differently all weekend? If you have, know you are NOT alone. I use to beat myself up all the time on Fridays. I would obsess over what I could’ve done or said differently to have a different outcome so much and realize that I’ve missed my entire weekend! I finally set a plan in place to avoid doing this. Here’s my plan, feel free to try this today!

1. Just Breath

Go ahead, you’ve earned it! Take a couple deep breaths and realize you made it to Friday. This week might have been tough but you were NOT defeated! You made it to Friday!

2. Reflect

Maybe there was someone that offended you or maybe you did something or said something you shouldn’t have…take a FEW minutes to really think about it. Ask yourself two questions: “what could I have done differently?” ” what is the lesson in this?” Once you have your answers, move on. Don’t dwell on it. If you need to apologize to someone, do it and move it. Don’t obsess over what happened. If you do, you will look up, realize that it’s Sunday night and your weekend is over. Your weekend is done and you spent it obessing on last week. 

3. Move Forward with a Clear Mind

You’ve reflected and now it’s time to move on! For example: I look forward to going out with friends and my husband or maybe just sitting outside with a nice glass of wine:) whatever I’m doing, you can be sure that I’ve moved on from whatever happened last week. That means any paperwork from work is put away. I don’t have any reminders of my mistake from last week in sight. This allows me to be in the present and really focus on what my weekend brings. 

I hope you found these tips helpful. I hope you have an AWESOME weekend 😊

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