Swimsuit Season

As the weather gets warmer it’s getting closer and closer to swimsuit season! When you’re shopping for a swimsuit, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Here are my tips on shopping for a swimsuit 

1. What’s your body type?

For example, if you’re busty you might want to shy away from bandeau tops because they probably won’t offer the support you need or if you don’t have a lot of curves, you can try swimsuits that have ruffles to add the illusion of curves. To name a few examples. 

2. Sizing!

Your first instinct may be to go up a size if you’re feeling too exposed but be careful. Going up in size can also result in the fabric gaping  when you are actually in the water which isn’t flattering. When you’re trying on a swimsuit and decide to go up a size, see how much of the fabric you can pinch on the side. This is usually a good indication of whether or not it’s too big. 

3. Try it On!

Swimsuits can be fashionable and fun! There are so many different options to have fun with but no matter what: TRY IT ON before you buy! You may wear a size 10 but depending on the fabric, cut and designer your swimsuit size could be different. Always take the extra time to try your swimsuit on. 

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to request me on Instagram: golden_life_



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